Mooncalf is a full service game design and development company specializing in UI/UX, cross platform development, and rapid prototyping.

Our Kansas City based team uses the Unity engine to create 2D, 3D, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences for the latest generation of smartphones, PC, and consoles.

omg minesweeper

A one tap mobile version of the desktop classic.

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omg tangram

The classic puzzle game reimagined.

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Jams are a meditation on taking a game design from concept to delivery in a matter of days rather than months. A jam begins when the theme is announced, we then concept and create all art, code, music, and animations during the jam. Jams target HTML5 browsers with mouse and keyboard controls.

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Ludum Dare 36, 72 hour team jam

Draw lines to bounce the ball into the hole.

Spam Gram

Solo jam. 4x4 hours. 8 pomodoros.

Tap the correct object to keep the screen free from spam for as long as possible.

Trial 21

Ludum Dare 35, 72 hour team jam

A robot pretends to be different animals to gain different jumping powers.


Ludum Dare 34, 72 hour team jam

Use two buttons to manage two queues of turns. Think quickly or fall to your doom.

Cvltists vs Crvsaders

Ludum Dare 33, 72 hour team jam

Throw fireballs to smash crusaders and miss cultists. Win by sacrificing five cultists at the top of the hill.